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Local SEO? Start With Listings

Hyper-Local businesses Must Master their Listings Management

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This map represents the environment that Google and other Search Engines use to determine which companies to prioritize in the google map pack.

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If you look at that original map you begin to realize that there are 100's of places being considered and my recommendation is to look into a quality service to manage this (you can always contact me), but if you want to take a stab at having an effect these are my recommended places to start. Be patient these links all lead you to the places, they frequently change but they all have a FREE way to claim your business.

Axiom ended its directory services late 2019. I would say Foursquare is what i would replace it with see link below.  

follow these directions to claim your Yahoo local listing its free but they make it hard!

After you have verified google my business location (received the postcard and entered it in).

Go to Bing and get it claimed as well

Added 10/30/2019: these are now must have listings for your Local SEO

Details Matter

You must be precise! no variations in the names, addresses, phone, website, description etc. Do not interchange things like Suite, STE, Unit, # this will defeat your purpose.

Pro Tip: these must all be done in a place where you can answer the phone number your are using, this is how they verify its actually you claiming the business and editing info.

Create a 100 word description that includes the key words you want to be found for be consistent in applying them.

Feel free to ask me for help. send me an email!