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Nobody clicks on Pay Per Click Ads

This is nonsense if you believe this you are wrong.

Do People Click on PPC ads?

Do you remember when we had to use the phone book to find what we wanted? Yes I know I am old, let me catch you up, and refresh your memory.

Back in the old days we would discover a leaking faucet or decide we wanted to secure a lawyer and we would open the phone book up, flip (search) to the section of the book that featured the services we want and start at the top of the list.

We all did it that way, that is why we saw the businesses start to bid against each other to get their listing to the front of the section, first we saw companies change their names, AAA Towing, A+ plumbing etc. Then the books added picture ads to the front in various sizes and cost the premium ads would be full page or 2-page ads that appeared first in the section.

Why? because here in the west, we all learn to read and right left to right top to bottom. When we are instructed on how to create and work a list, we put the most important things at the top and we, for the most part, all do it exactly that way.

The behavior of people has not changed the medium we use to find things has. Today we use search engines on the internet instead (over 93% of all online activity still starts at a search engine). We enter our problem "faucet repair near me" close our eyes hope for the love of God that the very best answer is the very first one (because we are all busy), and press enter.

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A simple search for "Google Heat Maps" will lead you to any number of articles and images, and you will see that the content under the hot red spots changes over time. But the basic behavior of people remains the same, Yes on mobile too, want a common sense test that you can apply to help prove this point?

Why would Google, who makes the majority of its money selling PPC Ads, change the position of the ads to the top? Why would 60% of the total results on every results page be PPC Ads? Think about it....  


It's where people click most often duh!

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"But Chaz, SEO is where its at isn't it? people click more on organic results I see the stats all over the internet." I hear this from prospects and customers all the time, and especially SEO companies Stats that say 70%+ of all clicks happen in the organic sections.

I am here to tell you that they are right! Kind of.

If you consider all searches, those stats are correct, but not all searches have to do with promoting a business. I mean no one is running a PPC ad for a search on "Is Selena Gomez dating anyone?" 1005 of the results and clicks for informational items are "Organic".

This is where the data gets important. When people are searching for Goods and or Services (have high commercial intent). 65% of the clicks go to the PPC ads.

That is 7 out of 10 of your potential customers who are searching online choosing from the ads, do you want to win? I suggest you have an AdWords strategy.

As mobile search continues to grow I want you to use that common sense again, do people have more or less patience and time when they are searching on their phone? .... just saying.

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The War on 'Free' Clicks: Think Nobody Clicks on Google Ads? Think Again!

Larry Kim

Last updated : April 11, 2018