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Why its Critical to advertise in December

Hint: Same reason it is in June, July, Aug and so on

Would you agree that the business you do in July is the result of what you did in June?

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Internet usage spikes during our time off, especially during the holidays

I hear it all the time, "it slows down during the holidays so I want to save money by reducing or even stopping my ads". As a recovering contractor I know the feeling all to well. Luckily someone challenged me on this idea years ago, and made me realize the error in doing so.

Be honest doesn't slowing down your activities in November and December actually result in a "Slow start to the year"? We all know that the activity we have in January and February results in pick up in business in March. Don't we?

Having done it both ways, believing that its an industry trend, "Everyone slows down in the Winter", and maintaining my activity level year round, I can personally attest to the fact that I actually did better in the months where the "Industry" slows down. Why because while lots of other folks took their foot off the gas, I was petal to the metal.

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If you are still not convinced, let me ask you another question. Would you rather advertise when internet traffic is lower or higher? When your competition is spending big or you can take advantage of their absence?

HINT: If you said "Higher traffic and lower competition" You should absolutely be pumping up your ads in December!

Is anyone even on the internet over the holidays? Joshua Brustein of Businessweek says we are, and in record numbers. For the rest of the week our internet usage will be higher than normal, according to Sandvine, a company that tracks web traffic. The data comes from Christmas 2013, and it tracks usage from the 23rd to the 26th. Each day tells it's own unique story of our ever-increasingly connected holidays.


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