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My 1 ingredient sauce that will blow you away!

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You don't believe that, did you?

What 1 ingredient could I possibly use to make an amazing sauce? I could heat up tomato paste and pour it over pasta and it would look a lot like a nice yummy sauce but we all know that it would not taste like the sauce my buddy Anthony's mom would make us.

Marketing both on and off line is similar in this regard. It's simply just not one tactic that makes it work. What would you say to me if when you were setting up your business, I told you that all you have to do is put a sign on the front door, and people are gonna start showing up? or maybe, all you have to do is put your phone number in the phone book and it's all gonna start shaking... there are lots of examples of companies that have fantastic products & services that thought, man all I have to do is be the best and it's all going to work out...

The reality is even in 1959 you had to provide quality service and goods, you had to put up a sign, join the chamber, attend events, ask your clients for referrals, publish your number, put an ad in the paper, and flyer the neighborhood. The truth is that it takes a blend of actions to actually get the phone to ring.

So why do I see so many "Tactics" advertised as the solution to the marketing puzzle? SEO, PPC, Display, Content Marketing, Facebook, Click funnels... just as it has always been, it's a blend of these "Tactics" that an effective marketing strategy is made up of. That's what makes it WORK!

I can guarantee you that, if your digital advisor is promoting a single tactic for you, it's likely because it's what his manager told him to focus on this month.... As an actual Digital Marketing Professional, I can assure you, that without research and data combined with skilled coordination of marketing strategists I cannot possibly know what blend of tactics, marketing messaging and precise targeting will be best for your company. But, with a team of researchers, and a nimble approach to campaign modification and deployment you will start ahead of your competition and accelerate as the data begins to show what works best and your tactics are adjusted to capitalize on them.

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