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TV Ad's to Target Audience?

Diminishing share makes me think not.

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You Shouldn’t Be Buying Media Channels, You Should be Buying Audience

That makes consumer trend watching important:

  • Consumer total media usage continues to rise, adding more than 30 minutes per day versus 2016, and most of that increase is due to smartphone use

  • Nielsen’s second-quarter report shows sharply higher increased app/web usage on smartphones, gaining 43% to nearly 2.5 hours

  • Offsetting the increase in smartphone use, was a decline in daily live TV viewing, down 6%

  • Nearly 60% of homes in the U.S. now own at least one internet-enabled device capable of streaming to a TV set
    MediaPost, November 2017

  • Local trends show that, in three years, the leading television station has lost 17% viewership during the most popular daypart.

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  • Nielsen/Scarborough R2_2017

  • As local smartphone owners engage with more apps, time spent with smartphones grows.
    Nielsen/Scarborough R2_2017

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